ASBT 3300 StMU Ethnography Essay

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I want to keep this a simple as possible.

  • You do not need a title page. In the header of the document, include (1) your name (2) your A#, and (3) a short descriptive phrase, such as “ASNT 3300 Assessment for Weeks 1 and 2.” Then start writing your essay.
  • Your essay should be 2 to 3 double-spaced pages.
  • When you cite either the work of Harms or me, simply use our last names. If you quote either of us, put the page number at the end of the sentence in parentheses.
  • You do not need to cite or use any other sources.
  • If you choose to use other sources, use the citation format common in anthropology. Bot articles for his section use that format.

Please follow these instructions carefully. If your paper does not conform to these guidelines, I will likely return it and ask that you fix it, and this will delay you receiving your mark. I will be printing these to grade them, and this format saves paper and makes it easier to grade your work.

Sept 11 — Week 1: (I will send to you)

Reading: Harms, Erik (2009) “Vietnam’s Civilizing Process and the Retreat from the Street: A

Turtle’s Eye View From Ho Chi Minh City,” City & Society , 21: 182–206

Sept 18 — Week 2:

Reading: Higgins, Rylan (2015) “Is It My Job to Make Him Care?

Write a short essay that demonstrates your understanding of ethnography as a social science method using examples from both readings (2-3 pages).

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