ASA LLC C Social Science Creative Icebreaker Question

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Let’s Begin!

Creative Icebreaker: Homepage Forum for this assignment you will write a web page. You will use my information and answer the following question.My name is Master I was born in 1997.

Assignment below

Illustrate your current supervision skills to classmates by creating a personal webpage which introduces you to the class. This webpage should be created with any Microsoft program (Word, Publisher, FrontPage, etc.) that you are familiar with. Take out a piece of paper and write your name vertically down the left side.

  1. Choose an adjective that starts with each letter of your name.
  2. Each adjective listed should describe a leadership, supervision, or management trait possessed.
  3. Write down a famous quote, from a famous leader, which also describes you.
  4. Write down the year you were born; think about what the world was like in that year.
  5. Convey the following information to all of us on this homepage. Fill in the blanks:
    1. The year I was born: A famous leader was ________________.
    2. He or she became a famous leader because ___________________.
    3. Things were so different back in this year, I can’t believe that _____________.
  6. If available, attach a favorite photograph of you.
  7. Feel free to add a commentary about this photo.
  8. Dress this homepage to impress; add page design features, colors, graphics, etc.
  9. Turn the document into a PDF format, and post it to the forum/discussion board titled, “Homepage.”
  10. Make sure only your homepage is posted within this forum.

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