ARUCC Human Sexuality and Psychology Discussion Response

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Please respond to donnie 

I believe that men report rape at less than women because they feel more embarrassed and are afraid of someone will make fun of them for not being man enough to protect themselves from assault. I believe women and men see sexual harassment and sexual assault differently. When we are young everyone was taught about private areas and how they are your only and your body is yours only. But at about teen years things change. Girls and women continue to get the same message through out life about men and personal space. And boys not so much.

For example let say someone has twins a boy and a girl. they both come home and say the same thing. Someone tried to hug me and i didn’t want them too. If a girl tells her father this he is ready to fight and protect his daughter. Whereas with his son his message may be different. The first words out of his mouth maybe “Was she cute?” disregarding the part where his son says he didn’t want it. Men through society has been groomed to see all touching from women as acceptable even when they are uncomfortable. Mainly because they don’t want to be made fun of by other men. I think this is the reason why cases of rape and sexual assault goes unreported by the male population. 


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