ARU Human Error Is a Result of Combination of Finite Intellect and Free Will Response

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Descartes brings out that since he was made by God, he isn’t God-like, but rather something between supreme beings and non-being. Human error doesn’t come from God: it’s a defect that comes from an imperfect being. Descartes would dig deeper to himself to determine the nature of human error and notice that it depends on two causes: the faculty of knowledge and the faculty of choice or freedom of will. Human error depends on the will and intellect and Descartes thinks that free will was a gift given from God and therefore perfect as it’s not an error source, but since the intellect is finite it’s not seen as the bigger image. Since man can’t understand what is beyond the scope of human intellect, our infinite free will doesn’t mean perfection.

With the sinful nature, God allows a lot of things to occur and once he allows us to experience failure, misery, pain and struggle, we can grow stronger faith with Him by having close relationships and moving away from sin. Random things happen for a reason as God made everything for its purpose. Human error results only when we form judgments about perceptions that aren’t clear, but once we accept a certain perception, we won’t ever fall into error.

Descartes suggests that we should adopt a method that will avoid error by tracing what we know to a firm foundation of indubitable beliefs. It’s possible that there are no clear truths and that’s why us humans test out what we think we know is truly correct. I would have to disagree because a lot of us have different opinions on certain aspects and most of the time, we can’t make agreements as doubt arises into place. Everybody makes mistakes and it’s a learning experience we go through all the time so anything can happen on a daily basis.

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