ARU Electrocution Safety in Construction Sites Discussion & Response

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please read the original post and then  respond to  sarah 

original post :

Electricity is used on all forms of construction sites. Most electrical work is relatively low voltage. Discuss what measures a safety professional could put in place to eliminate the hazards of electrocution, shock, burns, and falls. If you had to say one measure is more important than any other measure and, therefore, an employee can never forget to do that, what would it be? Include language that could be used in helping a new employee understand just what the big deal is about working with electricity.

sarah’s Post  

This discussion went right along with my safety audit this week and focus for next week on reminding the trades that electrocution on jobsites was one of OSHA fatal 4 hazards and with wet grounds upon on us we need to more vigelient.  While I walking the homes I noticed that an extension cord was pinched in the door from outside temp pole, so I unplugged the cord and was wrapping it up and then noticed that cord was damaged in several places, including around the plug.  I tagged the cords and went down to site the next morning to talk to the guys about safety hazards I also had provided them with an article I found about extension cord safety rules.  I changed the title trying to use a little scare tactic and called it 5 Simple Extension Cord Safety Citable Rules -I talked to them about the fatalities from damaged cords, pinched cords and trip hazard of cords running through doorways.  My plan is to make additional flyers and with the dew and snow coming try to promote all trades to inspect extension cords, unplug and never plug in several cords, but get one that is fit for the job they need.


Konopelko, V. and Piekarski, P. (07/01/2016). Five simple extension cord rules to improve worksite safety. Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S). Retrieved from:

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