ARU Chelmsford Total Environmental Health and Safety Management

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Please respond to Brian 

Professor  and Classmates;

My name is Brian and I’m joining the class from Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I am currently employed as a PO contractor to Sandia National Laboratories as a Construction Safety Manager, providing oversight and program management support to medium and large scale projects within the DOE complex located at Kirtland Air Force Base.  This follows an almost 19 year career in the private sector of large scale commercial construction as a Site Safety Officer, Regional Safety Manager, and Corporate Safety Director.  Throughout my career I have found reasonable success through continue professional development training and on the job training.  To this point however, I have lacked the finely tuned skill sets and knowledge base necessary to round out my aptitude as safety professional.  This brings me to my current educational status where I find myself pursuing a bachelors degree in Occupational Safety and Health, through CSU.  Upon completion of my degree I intend to sit for various professional certifications including the CSP.  With that, I believe that this course will provide me necessary skills and knowledge to better management projects assigned to me, while also providing additional management level support to the organization overall.

At the core of occupational safety is the ability to interpret, define, and implement standards and/or policies into the functional working environment.  On many levels this requires the ability for one to recognize and research various regulations or industry standards on any given topic or task, spanning a multitude of sources, and pivot between them to establish that safest working environment through the most achievable means and methods available.  To this, the ability to cite the source of standards, regulations, or policies is critical.  Regulations and standards establish the basis of understanding for specific hazards, why or how the issue is important and relevant to employee safety, and establishes guidance on how to identify and reduce or eliminate hazard exposure.  These regulations or standards also help drive corporate safety programs and the establishment of policies and/or procedures therein.

Please remember that this course is not regulatory compliance course.  This is a safety management system course.

Please remember that this course does not discuss Safety Program development or OSHA compliance.  This course is about developing Safety Management Systems.

Consider the difference between a Safety Program development and a Safety Management System.  Why is it important?

You should think about a Safety Management System as a set of systems working together rather than a collection of safety programs and policies for compliance.

A Safety Program is a set of policies, procedures, work practices, etc. It addresses regulatory compliance and ways to reduce exposure to hazards.  In addition, a safety program is a performance-driven plan that focuses on improving safety elements, such as Lockout/Tagout, fire safety, safe lifting, training, personal protective equipment (PPE), etc.

A Safety Management System is a structured approach for managing and administrating the various components required to identify and control potential operational hazards and associated risk. A safety management system provides guidance for planning, managing, and establishing the appropriate controls needed for its work environment, a term used to refer to a comprehensive business management system designed to manage safety elements in the workplace.

If a safety management system structure is used, decisions on potential hazards and associated risk assessment controls can be given the correct priority to ensure the organization and all employees are protected.

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