ARU Businesses Can Develop & Advertise Content on TikTok Social Media Platforms Response

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Social Media Marketing Talk ShowLinks to an external site..

respond  to Steff post. below

Here is what I heard from the podcast:

TikTok Shopping is where you can bring your product to the platform and show it to creators with a coupon, letting you advertise through them via affiliated marketing. it is an add-on and is located under the creator tool and sign-up for tik tok shop.

Governments around the world are banning tik tok, but not much has been said from the White House but President Biden was seen taking selfies via tik tok using the filters for voter registration. so far, the platform has grown to 150 million users.

They are in the process of getting rid of the friends tab and adding category tabs so that you can look through content related to the topic. it is on desktop but is in the process of being on mobile devices

their job is to ensure that people don’t get banned and to get advertisers on the platform

I learned from the podcast that tik tok creators create brands for other people to use including in the business industry for branding awareness.

I have seen these brands but they are used for entertainment purposes. I haven’t seen them used for business

Gifs are used to make memes, but I didn’t know that they can be used to make a sticker using a tik tok video

What I got from the podcast is that Tiktok is being used for affiliated marketing by using utilities such as gifs and memes, as well as making improvements to the app, and despite all this, Governments in the United States are deciding to ban the app because of how the app can access your personal information just by looking through your search history as we’ve all seen and heard on the news.

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