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I will need for you to do 2 different articles please. They are separate papers though.

Go over to and click on the resource library. You will find 11 potential topics to choose for your assignment. Pick one and give a synopsis of your findings in a one-page typed submission. Use 12-pt New Times Roman font and double-spaced. Don’t forget to site your information and article in APA style.

I have already used Leadership you can’t use that one again.

For these assignments, follow the link on the assignment tab in each corresponding week. The link with take you to PRSA website. From there go to your resource library, scroll down and you will see 11 different options: Career Advice, Content Marketing, Digital&Social, Employee Communication, Issues and Crisis, Leadership, Measurements, Mobile, PESO, Storm Support Services, and Writing.

Select a tab that peaks your interest. Each page will give you some information and various articles on that topic — I know so have more additional resources than others. Take some time to read some of the articles to help you get a better idea of each topic. After reading and processing the material, write a one-page using12-pt Times New Roman font to express your ideas and opinions about the topic and material you read. Please be sure to reference your information using APA within the text (in-text citations) and at the end of your paper as a reference page.

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