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This week in the course you will be writing two article reviews. This first article was published in 2015 in a peer-reviewed journal and examines both family and school effects on delinquency. Reading a scholarly journal from a peer-reviewed source means that experts in the field of delinquency and on the topic of the paper have reviewed and supported this article for publication. This article employs quantitative methods. Do not worry if you do not understand the statistical plan or results; however, if you do, great! You should still be able to understand the discussion of the findings.

First, read the selected article carefully and think critically about the material that is covered. Your review must answer the questions listed below. You may choose to write your review as a full paper with paragraphs or number each question and answer them in separate paragraphs.

  1. What is the thesis/purpose of this article? The author often presents the thesis in the introductory paragraph (or following the literature review). Do not copy the thesis; instead, use your own words to explain the purpose of the article.
  2. How did the author(s) conduct the study? Did they test a theory? What measures did they include? What were the method(s) that they employed?
  3. What are the main results/findings of the study? What findings did the author(s) find particularly interesting or unexpected? Why? What findings did you find particularly interesting or unexpected? Why?
  4. How did this article enhance or complement your class text or supplemental readings? What connections can you make between the article and your class reading?
  5. Pretend that I have never read this article. You must present a THREE sentence summary of the article that defines the important points to me. This is essentially a summary of the above four prompts.

Your article review must be One (1) Page double-spaced using 12 point, Times New Roman font, with 1-inch margins.

There are TWO article reviews

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