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Option 2:

Many artworks throughout history have relied on focal point and emphasis to support the artist’s message. Use what you have learned about emphasis and focal point in this chapter to analyze Leonardo da Vinci’s Last Supper (3.6.6).

  1. Describe how focal point and emphasis are used in this work and how that influences how you interpret the artist’s message.
  2. Describe the use of subordination. What aspects of the work are being downplayed? Why?
  3. Choose a second artwork from elsewhere in the book or from the Google Art & Culture site ( and conduct the same analysis. Be sure to include a link to the work of art that you have selected.
  4. How did this assignment help to reinforce concepts in this chapter of the textbook? (Refer to required readings and supplementary material in your submission and include citations when appropriate.)
  5. APA format and references required

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