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Please read the case several times and answer the requirements.

Find the hidden issue and analyze it.

I have received emails asking what the hidden issue of the case is. I can’t tell you the hidden issue, and I can’t review your drafts and provide you additional guidance! It is up to you to analyze the case study and determine what the issue is, and what options there are to resolve the issue at hand, and create an ultimate recommendation. Think of yourself as a consultant coming in to guide Stride — chances are, you and I would have different perspectives and different directions!

Some additional areas to look:

1- Stride is early in its life…. what market does it need to target?

2- How is the product fit with the options?

3- What is the implication on the sales model and financial model based on the previous 2 points? What is the best model for Stride to pursue? Why? How? When?

As for the financial component of the case analysis. There is minimal financial information contained within the case; you need to do some research — find general financial benchmarks for the industry, the target market, the competitors, etc.

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