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Apple — Essay #3

Thinking about Apple’s latest products

In addition to recent news about Apple’s launch of the iPhone 7, read the case at the end of Chapter 15 and answer the following questions

The case should be no more than 3 pages not including the cover page and references.

Questions to answer — please read the question and answer in full. Read the rubric.

Apple’s product launches over the last decade have been monumental. Refer to Chapter 15 and discuss what makes Apple so innovative.

Chapter 16 discusses pricing strategies. What is your position on Apple’s pricing strategy? Does it reflect the value the customer should pay or the cost to make the product? Share your view using terms from Chapter 16. Use terminology from the book properly and share your point of view.

Last question relates to Chapter 20 which discusses mass communications. What is your favorite Apple TV ad? Why? How effective is the message and creative strategy? How does Apple create consumer preference and continue to build loyalty with its customers? Discuss your view on how Apple maintains brand equity. Refer to the Chapter and use the terminology as well as providing your point of view.

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