ANTHRO 300 ARC The Effects of Migration on The Dispersal of Human Genes Discussion

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1. Project Proposal (1 page) Your approved/graded Physical Anthropology Report Proposal.

2. Abstract (Summary) (1 page) Include the focus of your research, what you were interested in learning and what you learned. Summarize the scope of your research. Briefly summarize your most significant findings, discuss them, and support your statements with data from your literature search and interviews with anthropologists and professionals.

3. Support for Abstract (3+ pages) a . Describe and discuss what surprised you. Discuss the data from your literature search and interviews you used to support your findings. b. Describe your conversations with the anthropologists and professional you contacted and interviewed. Discuss the ways in which these conversations affected the direction of your research and your understanding of the topic. c. Summarize your major insights in a graph or chart, based on the data you have collected.

4. Academic Significance of Project (1 page) Discuss how your research and the experts you cited in your Physical Anthropology Project Proposal contributed to your understanding of this topic and why the topic is important in the field of Biological Anthropology.

5. Annotated Bibliography of all your sources (1 page) Include a complete reference to each publication and a short description of what you learned. (Minimum of two articles or books, more research articles = more points!)

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