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1. Compared to European countries like Germany, Sweden, and Denmark, the USA has admitted a very small number of refugees. Howe would you explain the differences between German, Sweden, Danish, and US policies? 2. Why have established political parties, such as Conservative and Socialist parties, not been able to gain politically from the refugee crisis? 3. It is often argued that the USA has been able to “integrate” newcomers more successfully than many European countries. What evidence can you find for or against this assertion?

1. On MS-Word menu bar, click Home – Times New Roman – 12 font; Layout – Margins – Narrow and adjust Indent zero for all (Left, Right, Before, and After); and Paragraph – Alignment Left – Line Spacing zero.

2. Please edit your answering paper again if it’s longer than two pages. I wanted you answer to all three questions smartly within two pages.

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