answer two questions from the questions below 4 pages in total without reference and title page? please leave one question at end for other students?

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Students will read the articles and assigned text chapters noted in the SOWK 330 Readings for May 17-18. Students will respond to two of the following questions:

    1. How might a survivor’s challenges in affect regulation affect their ability to deal with stressful situations? What are the advantages of a trauma-informed versus non-trauma-informed approach when working with traumatized children or adults?
    2. “Children affected by ACEs appear in all human service systems throughout the lifespan — childhood, adolescence, and adulthood — as clients with behavioral, learning, social, criminal, and chronic health problems.” (ACEs Too High, 2012). What do you think about this quote? Support your position with elements from the readings for May 17-18.
    3. What are some of the specific challenges (as outlined in the text readings) adult survivors of childhood trauma face? What has been identified from a trauma-informed approach as important treatment approaches? Identify and discuss three (3) treatment modalities for adult survivors of childhood trauma.
    4. What are some of the impacts of trauma experienced in adulthood as opposed to impacts of trauma on adult survivors of childhood trauma? What might we consider differently or would we consider anything differently when working with this population?
    5. In Liegghio, M., & Caragata, L. (2016). “Why are you talking to me like I’m stupid?” The micro-aggressions committed within the social welfare system against lone mothers. Affilia, 31(1), 7-23 (assigned reading for May 17-18), the authors speak at length about social workers and other professionals engaging in microaggressions. What is their argument on this and what do they suggest needs to happen for change to occur? How might this article relate to trauma-informed versus non-trauma-informed approaches in human services? What is your perspective on this article?

Requirements: Each posting should be 4 pages in length. Each student is responsible to facilitate a discussion about their individual post. As such, at the close of each of your two postings, you will pose a question to your peers to further the discussion.

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