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1. As the vice president of finance for a company producing and selling electronic switchboards, you are considering foreign investment to build a plant to assemble electronic components. A source in China advises you that a town near Shenzhen may be an excellent location for a new plant. Chinese are well educated and willing to work for reasonable wages. Projected construction costs are acceptable. Both rail lines and airports are nearby, and the current Chinese government seems politically stable. The town even has a technical college that will be an excellent source for skilled employees. The plant will ship most of the finished electronic components back to the United States.

a) Do you know everything you need to make an investment decision?

b) If not, what else do you need to know about investment in foreign countries?

c) What does it mean to say that law is the foundation of the private enterprise system

2. (a) What is property? How does property differ from “resources”?

(b) Why is property important to society? To private enterprise?

3. A marketing consultant to your firm comments that being ethical in business means nothing more than obeying the law. Discuss
4. As the chief executive officer of a Silicon Valley software company, you become aware that your chief competitor is working on a new computer program that will revolutionize interactive voice-based applications. You know that if you can find out about several key functions relating to your competitor’s program, your own programmers can duplicate the function of the program without actually copying its code.

a)Is it ethical for you to hire away from your competitor a secretary who may have overheard something that will be useful to you?

b) Is it ethical for you to send an attractive employee to a bar where your competitor’s programmers hang out in the hope of getting the information you want?

c) Is it ethical for you to have someone hunt up and read everything published by your competitor’s programmers in case they may have let slip something that will help you?

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