Anglia Ruskin University Modern Philosophy Berkeley Idealism Discussion

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Berkeley’s Idealism


Berkeley writes: “I answer that the only thing an idea can resemble is another idea; a colour or shape can’t be like anything but another colour or shape. Attend a little to your own thoughts and you will find that you can’t conceive of any likeness except between your ideas. Also: tell me about those supposed originals or external things of which our ideas are the pictures or representations—are they perceivable or not? If they are, then they are ideas, and I have won the argument; but if you say they are not, I appeal to anyone whether it makes sense to assert that a colour is like something that is invisible; that hard or soft is like something intangible; and similarly for the other qualities” (PHK, pg. 12).

Do you agree with Berkeley that ideas in our mind cannot resemble something “extra-mental” (outside the mind)?  Why or why not? How might Locke or Descartes respond? please respond with 250 words

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