Anglia Ruskin University Construction Safety and Health Discussion

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When it comes to pre-project planning, some of the most important issues to address is first to ensure that the team responsible for ensuring pre-procject planning is hired based on skills and experience. Define what each members team’s responsibilities are, and create a pre-project planning strategy based on the charter and resources available. This involves outlining the procedures and timetable for completing the preproject planning tasks that the team must carry out. Items that should be looked at includes information required for subcontractors from fencing along the site, to where trenching and excavations will begin, the steps to completing the job, locations of emergency access points, muster points. These are all items that should be addressed, prior to bringing in equipment for actual work to begin.

I have not personally used BIM, all of my construciton training is old school, going off of everything via prints, I see with BIM, changes can be made a lot faster and up to the minute, this would help to get the information to the worker that much quicker. A print copy can take days and weeks to finally get new revisions, which by that point the workers could’ve already completed that task and will have to go back and do more rework. The usage of BIM on-site is an additional advantage. Contractors may construct the building using the most recent designs and workflow since they have mobile access to BIM software. This lessens conflicts as well. Contractors don’t have to waste time looking for answers on-site because it is simpler to see issues before building starts.

The use of BIM during the design and construction process has five key advantages, savings in costs and resources, shorter project lifecycles and more efficiency, enhanced cooperation and communication, more prefabricated and modular construction options, and higher caliber outcomes.

Building designs can be completed more quickly and construction can begin earlier thanks to BIM. The project is additionally expedited via enhanced workflow and other efficiencies. For instance, the architect might opt to have some components robotically manufactured in large quantities. By only needing to secure the components in place when they arrive on site, this could speed up construction.

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