Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge and Chelmsford Human Sexuality Discussion

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Please respond to Dylan with 150 words

Dylans Post

Considering I do not have any children and I have friends that are child-free, the negative and positive reasons are easy to discuss. Some of the positive things could be a free schedule with no obligations, besides work. You can go anywhere without worrying if your children can attend, or worrying about finding a sitter to watch them. There is the financial side, having to spend money on birthdays, holidays, school shopping, groceries, doctor visits, and day care. You are able to save and finance a lot better being child-free. Now some of the negative things could be having no one to take care of you when you’re old. There could be loneliness and lack of support inside your home and missing out on that bond/love you have with a child and experiencing parenthood.

For people who do decide to have children, there are some positives and negatives as well. Some negatives are considering that there is no guarantee that your child will like you or having to deal with losing your child under tragic circumstances and going through something so painful internally. Children could be exhausting and it is a never ending job, so you are unable to take a break and escape from being responsible. Some of the positives could include better motivation to become successful and a role model and trying to teach your children the right path. The connection you make with your children and feeling more connected to your partner because you are now a family. And the instant, unconditional, unwavering love you receive.

In my opinion, three or more children would be too much, only because most people would agree that two children would be the ideal number. It makes it easier to focus on one or the other and could be beneficial financially and emotionally. Some challenges you could face would be always having to assist with problems or troubles the child may be going through, and if you have too many children, it would be never ending. You could face challenges providing food, clothing, shelter and education, and making each child feel like they are receiving the same kind of love and support.

As of right now in this generation, I believe society is becoming anti children. Most of the younger generation doesn’t want children and are more worried about being successful and rich. Relationships are now hard to obtain with all the hookup apps and opportunities to get with someone better looking or more successful so it takes away from people wanting to settle down, marry and have children. I think having that type of relationship is not so important anymore.

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