Anglia Ruskin University Advancements in Technology Response

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 respond  to james    

I have a lot of concerns about assigning jobs in manufacturing and industry according to age, gender, and health status.  Each job has a specific job description and not everyone is qualified to do that job or may not want that job.  There are a lot of variables that should be looked at especially health history of an individual.  A person may be too young or too old for the position, and health issues could be a problem but advancement in technology with better PPE and more guidelines can make every job safer so if they are qualified for the job and are cleared health wise (if there is an issue) then they can do the job.  Sex orientation for a job should have no influence on the job task if they are qualified for the job or are willing to be trained for the job.  Then you get into the violation of equal opportunity and discrimination.

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