Anglia Ruskin from Dressing up A Child to Building up A Strong Person Discussion

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For the clothing I usually see for young  girls and boys at the stores I do not see surface wise any issues. For me clothes are just pieces of fabric. The only issue I have with this topic are those who sexualize kids. I know many girls who are very insecure because their whole life they were shamed for their bodies. For example this can go to the standard practice of dress codes for girls banning things above the knees or showing shoulders. I have seen so many young girls in my time at school punished/had their bodies sexualized for wearing a skirt an inch above a knee cap or a tang top with too small straps. I think it is quite hypocritical since I have seen boys wear things above the knees but I have never once seen it punished or sexualized by people or the school. So for my thoughts on what most kids wear, I think it’s all good and there is not anything sexual about it but of course their are outliers. The only rare occasions of clothes that I think are inappropriate usually have to do with the design of the shirt and it is usually girls since it references their bodies and I think making young girls or even boys worrying about their bodies is a bad thing. Although I have not seen any in real life, I have seen many examples online. For examples “Future HOOTERS Girl”, “Make ’em drool early”, and “Does this diaper make my butt look big?”. These are clothes that I do not think will immediately make a child have self esteem issues but I do not think it helps with kids images of their bodies already. I know most people view revealing clothes on kids as sexual when it should not be. We as a society we have blurred the line between kids and adults and what we sexualize on adults we now project onto kids. I view this as very unfortunate because this is not what we should be doing for kids since kids should not be sexualized by adults.

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