Analyzing the Threat

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APA Format. 400-500 words.

The number of threat vectors that the United States and its’ allies face on a regular basis would make your brain hurt. They come in all shapes and sizes both internal and external to the country. We know that nation-states have different priorities. This certainly extends to the IC and its’ analysis of threats…or does it? Does the United States look at man-made (vice natural) threats differently than other countries or groups of countries such as the EU? If so, how are the approaches different?

Take a look at this week’s readings and do some additional research, pick a threat vector….cyber, smuggling, WMD, money laundering, terrorism and discuss similarities/differences between the way the U.S and other government IC look at this issue. Do our ICs have the same strategies, priorities, and expected outcomes? Do we even define key terms such as “terrorist” or “terrorism” the same way? You have a lot of latitude for this forum to look at foreign government and the approach their IC takes on an issue. It is OK to use the EU in place of a single nation-state.

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