American School of Business Data Analysis Questions

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1.This paragraph(s) describes where the data came from (This is likely from an internal database), the steps that you took to explore the data and if the data is appropriate for the model (You may break this into multiple paragraphs if needed). Where is the data from (Similar or same as DAX 4)? How did you filter the data (This is now only position1)? Examine the assumptions in the instructions and determine the tables and plots that are needed and state if each appears to be met (Boxplot for outliers, Scatter plots for linearity of continuous variables, observed by predicted for equal variance and fit diagnostics for normality of error terms). You should reference the appropriate figures and tables in the paragraph. You should always provide a summary statistics table and discuss it (missing data and relevant statistics). The last sentence should be whether the data is appropriate for a linear regression. THESE SHOULD INCLUDE HEIGHT and BE LIMITED TO POSITION 1 so some will be similar but not the same as DAX 4.

2.This paragraph discusses the results. Were the model results significant (Report the f value and the p value from SAS)? What was the R-Squared and Root MSE with and without height and how do they compare to the model from DAX 4? Discuss the Parameter estimate for height and interpret it.

3.What is your recommendation for evaluating the position 1 in a separate model? Does the company discriminate by height? Does the company have good evidence against discrimination, or should they settle out of court?

After the body of the memo you should have several figures (Histogram and boxplot of $/hr, scatter plots for each continuous variable compared to the dependent, observed vs predicted, and fit diagnostics) and tables (Summary statistics and Parameter estimates). Format them, number them, and refer to them in the text.

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