American Pacific College Los Angeles Anthropology Essay

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Application Assignment #1

Please make sure to answer the following questions in complete sentences, paragraph form. Make sure you answers are supported when needed.

5 sentence minimum per answer

1. Before reading the article – answer this question – How can we determine if another animal has culture? Specifically, how can we tell the difference between a culturally influenced behavior versus a solely biologically determined behavior (like an instinct for example)?

Please read this article.

cultures_in_chimpanzees.pdf I have attached it

2. Please summarize the article to the best of your ability, including charts.

3. Provide an argument, using the article as support, that chimpanzees do have some form of culture.

4. Provide an argument, using the article as support, that chimpanzees do not have a form of culture.

Application Assignment #2

Please watch this video and answer the following questions. 5 sentences minimum per question:

1. Actually, before watching the video, answer this question. Imagine there was a hypothesis that stated that many modern humans have some Neanderthal DNA. What would this imply about our evolution and history with Neanderthals? What do you think it would mean for humans that do not have Neanderthal DNA?

Neanderthals 101 | National Geographic

2. Using your knowledge of natural selection, please explain how the Neanderthals evolved in the specific northern climates of Europe.

3. Summarize the ideas or hypothesis presented in the video regarding the extinction of the Neanderthals. What evidence do they provide? What are your thoughts on this?

Application Assignment #3

For full points, please answer all questions, meeting minimum sentence requirement

In this assignment, we’ll start to look at one of the things that makes our species exceptional – that is culture. You’re read and seen videos that explain that other animals/hominins have culture, but I think it is an easy argument to make that our current culture is at a different level.

Think about this – life has existed on this planet for about 3.5 billions years. Yes billions. Now out of those 3.5 billions years, it has only been in the last 100 years or so that any animal has developed technology that can destroy the planet – and that animal is of course, us. We have evolved to produce and share culture. We have evolved to be creative. However, is that ultimately going to get us into trouble?

Please read the following paper by philosopher, Nick Bostrom. You are only required to read through page 458, however I encourage you all to read the whole paper.

vulnerable.pdf I have attached it

1. Using your understanding of evolution, specifically natural selection, provide a hypothesis of how and why we evolved to produce culture and to be so creative. (minimum 6 sentence)

2. Please summarize the part you were required to read. (minimum 6 sentence)

3. What do you think of this hypothesis? Do you think it is possible that we will one day pick up a “black ball”? What about the idea that any one of our white and grey balls can one day turn into black balls? Meaning, we invent technology that appears to be beneficial but one day will ultimately destroy us? (minimum 8 sentence)

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