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The U.S. ranks 30th in high school completion rates compared to other countries. While the U.S. has increased high school graduation rates in the past 11 years, its global ranking continues to decline. For this discussion, you will apply C. Wright Mills’ Sociological Imagination to the high school dropout rate in the United States. You are applying a sociological topic to a real-world scenario to demonstrate your accurate understanding of the topic, and your ability to apply what you have learned.

Answer the following discussion questions.

  1. What factors do you think determine whether someone graduates from high school? How do social location and other social characteristics affect academic achievement? Explain the relationship using microlevel and macrolevel analysis. What is the difference between micro-level analysis and macro-level analysis?
  2. Your textbook discusses the two major theoretical frameworks or perspectives: Functionalism and Conflict Theory. First, describe the major points of each of the two perspectives and discuss which perspective you think provides a more accurate or complete view of the social world and why. Describe how each of the each of the perspectives would view education in the United States. What is the basic premise of conflict theory? How would conflict theory view the educational system in America? Discuss how a functionalist would view education in America. Discuss the manifest and latent functions of education.

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