America Public University Sport Management Questions

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Answer the following questions. 

Question #1

You have learned several methods of skill classification. Select a motor skill and classify according to:

1.   Environmental predictability

2.   Task Organization

3.   Importance of motor vs cognitive importance

Explain why each classification is an important consideration when selecting appropriate learning strategies for an early learner.

Question #2

Practice variability affects motor learning. It is the assumption that to perform under variable conditions, such as attempting to make a golf swing, the learner needs to practice under a variety of conditions. In other words, only practicing at the driving range would not transfer well to a real game.

Overall, variability of practice seems to be a critical learning and performance issue.

1. Provide an example of a specific motor skill that would like to teach.

2. After you have selected that motor skill develop a three-week practice schedule, three days per week that shows variability of practice.

3. In your own words, define schema as it relates to motor learning, practice variability, and transfer of motor skills.

4. What is the schema that you are hoping the learner will develop about your skill?

Question #3

Describe the teaching/learning dilemma of speed vs accuracy. Why is this concept fundamental to both learning and performance of movement skills?

1. What is the most critical consideration when choosing between each?

2. What are the trade-offs the teacher and learner must consider?

3. Provide an example of applying this concept.

4. Explain your philosophy concerning the emphasis of each in a learning environment.

Question #4

All learners go through various stages of learning from the beginning as early learners to advanced or elite. 

1.     Select a skill and illustrate how Fitts-Posner’s stages of learning interacts with Schema theory.

2.     Where does the concept of degrees of freedom fit within this discussion?

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