ACU Human versus Machine Observation Discussion

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Assignment 1:

Discuss about Human vs. machine observation

Assignment 2

Tico Taco, a national chain of Mexican fast?food restaurants, has developed the “Super Sonic Taco,” which is the largest taco in the market and sells for $1.19. Tico Taco has identi- fied its target customers for this new product as men under 30 who are not concerned about health issues, such as fat content or calories. It wants to test the product in at least four regional markets before making a decision to introduce it nationally. What criteria would you use to select test cities for this new product? Which cities would you recommend using? Why would you recommend those cities? 

Of the primary data-collection techniques available to the researcher (survey, observation, experiment), why is the experiment the only one that can provide conclusive evidence of causal relationships? Of the various types of experiments, which type or types provide the best evidence of causation or non-causation?

  • What are some important independent variables that must be dealt with in an experiment to test consumer reactions to a pilot for a new TV series? Explain why those variables are important.
  • Why are quasi-experiments much more popular in marketing research than true experiments?

Do you see any potential problems with a sales forecast based on the results of the test market sales? What would you do differently?

  • Discuss various methods by which extraneous causal factors can be controlled.

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