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I have uploaded the requirements for this project as a pdf. Please look at them carefully and fulfill the requirements. The project will be done on Tesla. Please have exact numbers for everything I’m asking for.

Number 2 on the file says to find a recent article about Tesla and just summarize it in your own words…it could be ANY RECENT article about Tesla.

Number 3 says to track the stick price of Tesla for a ONE WEEK PERIOD. You visit yahoo Finance and look up the last stock trade price for the day and COPY AND PASTE the stock prices to the project. Wait after 1pm when the stock market closes.

Number 4 on the file says, it must be in your own words, you can only copy and paste stock prices. Project must be typed and single spaced.

Number 5 part A ,says to Identify and summarize the information by the black bullet points. Full address of Tesla in needed, ending date of fiscal year, describe companies main products and services, geographical areas of business activity, names of CEO,CFO,COO. If no COO put NA.

Number 5 part B, says to find the name of the companies independent auditors and summarize what they said regarding the companies financial statement.

Number 5 part C, says Summarize the industry the company is involved with and what the outlook is for the industry. Based on what the annual report says, summarize the companies future plans. This is usually contained in the management report or letter to shareholders. ONE PAGE LONG

Number 5 part D, 1. says you need the Income Statement: from the income statement find the Net Sales(as in revenue) income from operations and Income Taxes( or look for Provision for Income Taxes). Comment on whether they have increased or decreased over the past 2 years. 2. Balance Sheet: Determine the amounts for Total Assets, Total Current Libaitlies, and Total Stockholders Equity for the past 2 years. (A=L+SE). 3. Cash Flow Statement: Find the following info: a. Does net income exceed net cash flow from operations? By how much? B. What is the largest expenditure for the capital items in the investing section?(Largest negative # and what it is). C. What is the largest source of financing in the financing section? (largest positive #). E. Identify the first 2 notes to the fiancial statement and briefly describe their content ( Summarize NOTE 1: what it is and what it does). Note 2( Summary of significant account policies)

Number 5 part F, find the financial ratios(consolidated statements of Income) Calculate the following ratios: Working capital, Current Ratio, Acid Test, Receivable Turnover, Avg Collection Period, Inventory Turnover, Avg days in Inventory, Debt to Equity, Profit Margin, Return on Equity, Earnings per Share

USE for INCOME STATEMENTS. This project can exceed more than the pages required.

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