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I Have my management assignment which is about my internship that i have done it in the summer the assignment question was :

This assignment requires you to describe activities carried out during the internship and accomplishments thereof, particularly demonstrating what you learned in terms of experience, your studies, your interests and your career aspirations. Your report should be 3000 words max and should have the following sections: a short executive summary (about 300 words; 5% of marks), introduction (5%), background/ context of your internship (5%), internship tasks evaluation (30%), overall reflections (40%), and conclusion and recommendations (15%).

The context/ background of your internship should discuss how the functions your internship entailed linked with the department you worked in and the wider organisation. Discuss also other relevant timing-related issues that could help understand the context of your internship. For example, if working on a specific one-off project, helping cover holidays, part of an established summer internship programme the organisation runs, etc.

In the internship tasks evaluation section, you are required to choose three key activities you undertook, discussing them in sub-sections in turn. Under each sub-section, you should give a concise description of the task and what its execution entailed, e.g. what information was required, which other colleagues/departments were involved, etc. Also discuss what the outcomes were and any issues faced. You should then compare what you did in practice on the job with what you had learnt in class (in theory or practical applications/projects/simulations, etc if any). Finally, discuss what you learnt from this experience both in terms of the respective task or similar tasks and also any lessons transferable to other activities or undertakings more generally.

The reflective evaluation of the internship considers the internship itself in general. Here, you should discuss how your internship experience ultimately compared with your motivations and expectations as outlined in your statement of intent. Discuss further how the internship experience has confirmed/challenged your own past perceptions and career decisions and highlight a number of useful lessons from that that you feel will influence your future career prospects, aspirations and decisions. Finally, consider the relevance of your studies generally to your experience in industry and vice versa and comment on how your university studies so far had prepared you for that.

In the conclusions, finish with some recommendations to the MDP programme, the Business School, the university generally and your younger self.

To assess your assignment, the following criteria will be used:

·Informativeness and succinctness of your executive summary

·Specificity and clarity of descriptions of the internship/tasks

·Depth and insightfulness of evaluations/reflections

·Usage of appropriate academic and other references

·Cogency and implementability of the recommendations

i have done most of it

only need you to add 650 words

also i need you to use relevant and thats it

please only in 4 hours i need it

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