8.08 marketing Type the answers to the assignment’s questions. Use complete sentences

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In Section 7, you learned about business and society. Now, you’ll apply what you learned.

1. Describe at least one global trend that you think offers a business opportunity in the global marketplace. (1-5 sentences. 2.0 points)

2. Describe at least three risks a company might face if it participates in global trade. (1-3 sentences. 3.0 points)

3. Describe the purpose of the SEC. (1-4 sentences. 2.0 points)

4. Go to the EPA Web site and learn about one of the environmental laws that may affect businesses. Explain the law and how it might affect a business. (1-4 sentences. 3.0 points)

5. Choose a popular franchise, and visit the company’s Web site to learn about its franchising policies. List at least three things you learned, such as costs franchisees must pay, or other rules or requirements. (1-3 sentences. 3.0 points) TIP: Popular franchises include McDonalds®, SUBWAY®, Dunkin’ Donuts®, Cold Stone Creamery®, 7-Eleven®, Days Inn®, Great Clips®, Molly Maid®, and many more.

6. Describe a real or made up example of a contract that includes consideration. (1-5 sentences. 2.0 points)

7. Describe a real or made up example of the tort of interference. (1-5 sentences. 2.0 points)

8. Describe a real or made-up but possible example of a situation where an employee faces a conflict of interest. Explain at least two things the company could do to help make sure the employee won’t be tempted into unethical behavior by that conflict of interest. (2-6 sentences. 3.0 points)


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