6-1 Final Project II Milestone Two

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I need a 2 page reflection paper written on the last writer’s workshop from this term:

For the first part of your journal submission, address the following.
From the following list of short stories you have read in 100 Years of The Best American Short Stories, choose two that have influenced your writing:

– “Refresh, Refresh” by Benjamin Percy (pp.625–638)

– “Communist” by Richard Ford (pp. 394–409)

– “Brownies” by ZZ Packer (pp. 562–581)

– “The Semplica-Girl Diaries” by George Saunders (pp.683–706)

– “Babylon Revisited” by F. Scott Fitzgerald (pp.62–81)

In the first part of your assignment, review the list of literary devices at the Literary Devices website as well as the OWL List of Literary Terms.

 Identify at least three literary device techniques these authors used in their pieces, and explain how they help reveal character, place, plot, point of
view, or dialogue.

 Identify sections in your own shortstory draft where you can implement these selected literary device techniques to help develop the final draft of your

For the second part of your journal submission, answer the following questions based on the revision suggestions you received from your peers in the

 What feedback from your peers will you incorporate into your final short story? Why did you find that particular feedback useful? Give two to three
specific examples of the revision suggestions and of the changes you have made or plan to make in your shortstory.

The most helpful feedback that I received during the workshop was from my professor. Knowing that the story had become larger than final project allowed, Professor Supinski suggested that I focus on the beginning of Aryan’s life and to provide details regarding how the world is after the “Reckoning.” I plan on building a stronger pre-story during the birth of Aryan to help the reader understand how the child and Shannon were divided. Futhermore, everyone also had concerns regarding Rosaline’s reason for saying that the child was the only thing that she has done right as it was confusing since she did not remember conceiving the child. To correct this issue, I will be developing the backstory for Rosaline. She is a child born to a mother that loathe her and was always told that she would never amount to anything. This led her to fail at everything that she tried including marriage. Rosaline miscarried every pregnancy until Aryan and this led to her husband leaving her.

 What revision suggestions from your peers and instructor did you not find useful for application to your writing? Why not? Give specific examples.

The only feedback provided by my peers that I did not find helpful was regarding how I rushed the story because I had reached the page limit. Allyson Guerron made the following statement, “I also noticed that the ending seemed kind of rushed and forced, which I may understand because we did have a page limit but I don’t think you should sacrifice such an interesting story to make it fit.” However, if my stories exceed the pages allowed, my grade would suffer. By providing feedback such as this, it does not help me to understand or learn to work with restrictions.

 What was the most the most helpful and most frustrating aspect of the peer review process?

– The most frustrating part of the peer review process is the aniticpation and the thought that my story was not good enough to be read. The most helpful aspect is the positive atmosphere of receiving feedback from people in the same field.

For the third part of your journal submission, answer the following questions based on the feedback you provided your peers in the workshop:

 In providing actionable recommendations concerning the effectiveness of your peers’ submissions, what did you learn about the revision process and
how it can be used more effectively in your own writing? Please use examples from the peer review process, as well, to support your response.

– I will provide the reviews that I submitted to my classmates.

 Explain your own strategy for offering feedback to your peers. For example, try to identify the ways you indicated your respect for the short story draft
and the writer. Explain how you built on that foundation to offer revision suggestions that would further the aims (as you understood them) of the
writer. What do you think was the most successful about that feedback you provided and what might you do differently next time? Use examples from
the peer review process to support yourresponse.

I alway like to start my post by thanking the writer for sharing their work with me and everyone else. As an aspiring author, I know that it is not easy to share something that you have put your all into with other out of fear of rejection. I prefer to uplift other people, so even if I am not a fan of the story, I put myself in the shoes of their targeted audience.

Please be sure to cite all sources in MLA and address the rubric for other questions regarding this assisgnment.

Note: I have attached copies of class discussions, the rubric, feedback on my short story, and short story.


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