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You are the crime scene sketch artist, and you have another officer with you who is mapping. There is a difference between mapping and sketching. There are several methods of mapping that are used for interior and exterior crime scenes.Four methods of mapping include the following: •Baseline mapping •Rectangular coordinate mapping •Triangulation mapping •Polar/grid coordinate mapping The first 3 can be used in both interior and exterior scenes, but only the polar/grid mapping technique is used exclusively for exterior mapping. Assignment Guidelines •In 500–750 words, give an explanation of how the first 3 types of mapping listed above would be applied to the following crime scene. ◦Officer McBetts has to map the following crime scene: ◾A bedroom is 10 by 12 feet (12 feet north and south, 10 feet east and west). A dresser is in the middle of the north wall. ◾The bed is in the middle of the west wall, facing east. ◾The television is on the east wall. The door to the bedroom is on the east wall ( the TV is southeast, and the door is northeast, with 2 feet between them. The entry door is 2 feet from the northeast corner. ◾A chair is located on the south wall next to the picture window. The chair is south east and 3 foot from the southeast corner. ◦Consider the accuracy of the different interior-mapping techniques. ◦How much time is involved in completing the process for each technique? Explain. •Next, choose 1 of the 3 interior-mapping methods, and make a map using the cell grids in MS Excel. ◦Put a border around the main room and small borders where each individual object is located (3 rectangular cells equal one square). ◦Note: Copying and pasting the Excel document into a MS Word document does not count as one page of the writing section. •Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.


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