4 Short Essay Questions Answered

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Hello, I need the below questions answered in 200-350 words for each question. Please provide a reference for each question.

1) Is the
current growth rate of the human population sustainable? Explain, using the concept of carrying

2) Using an internet search, provide a timeline of important events in the modern environmental movement since 1960.

3) Perform an internet search using one of these topics: car, electronics, water bottles, plastic grocery bags, food choice, home size, commuting and incorporate the “environmental impact” they may elicit.

Read one of the articles you find and explain:

  • The environmental impacts of that item or activity.
  • How you as an individual can reduce your impact on the environment as it relates to this item or activity.

4) Explain the relationship between three aspects of science: hypothesis, research/experimentation, and theory.


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