3 4 page summary write up double spaced 1 inch all sides

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I would like you to turn in a 3-4 page summary write up, double spaced, 1 inch all sides, with concise answers to each question related to the Tesla case study (pasted below). You should leverage both the assigned case and reading and previous class material and should not use external sources from the library or the internet.

Case: Tesla Motors: Technology Strategy


1. Was Tesla’s appropriability regime weak or strong? Why? What about the strength of their complimentary assets?

2. What was Tesla’s commercialization strategy for electric vehicle (EV) technology? Do you feel this strategy will ultimately be successful? What are some other options Tesla could have pursued?

3. What should Tesla’s technology strategy be moving forward?
Reading: Ceccagnoli, M., Rothaermel, F.T. “Appropriability strategies to capture value from innovation.”


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