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  1. Read the sentence.

    We would like to work at the soup kitchen more frequently next year.

    Which best identifies the degree of comparison of the underlined adjective or adverb?


2 points  


  1. How do Mary Cassatt’s paintings convey meaning?

    by using formal poses and noble subjects

    through the use of regular people in simple settings

    by using strong religious symbolism

2 points  


  1. Which statement bestexplains the conductor’s motivation for throwing his arms around Pablo in “Young Pablo Casals”?

    The conductor was overwhelmed by Pablo’s playing.

    The conductor was mad because Pablo stole the show from him.

    The conductor wanted to whisper a message in Pablo’s ear.

2 points  


  1. Which sentence uses negatives correctly?

    Doesn’t the library have no prints of famous paintings?

    Nobody hardly never sees them here.

    Cameron, don’t bother with the next chapter yet.

2 points  


  1. Which sentence uses the word well correctly?

    The pizza was so well!

    Mario does not sing well.

    That elephant was a well performer!


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