2 4 discussion pilot error

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I. Answer the following questions in this discussion forum, along with any additional questions your instructor may post.

Your response should contain what you learned from all your reading material, keep it succinct, but apply as much knowledge as possible to fully answer the questions:

  1. Does the phrase “pilot error” really tell us anything about accidents?
  2. Is this a cause or a blame issue?
  3. What are the elements that define an “error” which might be important to the investigator?

Apply knowledge of these concepts from your readings in your response:

  • The modeling concepts used in organizing potential factors in a mishap scenario
  • The Human Factors HFACS and SHELL Matrix
  • Critical human factor questions asked during an accident investigation

II. A substantial response shows thought and critical thinking, a short, two or three sentence response is not acceptable. Support your opinions with references. Use the course material, and be specific. Personal experiences etc. may be used to enhance your perspective of the question(s) but they must be valid and relative to the subject matter.


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