2-3 page ppt and 1 page word document

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Helen is a newly assigned Chief Information Officer for a fast growing
online retail store that employees over 1000 employees. The company is
geographically spread across several states in the North-Eastern United
States. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, the companies leadership
consists of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer
(CFO), Chief Operations Officer (COO), Vice President of Marketing and
Vice President of Production.

The CEO has asked Helen to provide a
recommended organizational structure that integrates Information
Technology across the company. Helen must also create the Management
Information System (MIS) department from the ground up. Considering the
cost to the company, Helen must articulate the importance of each MIS
role/position and adequately demonstrate the operational need of MIS.
The CEO has asked Helen to provide a mission statement for her newly
formed team.


You will provide 2 separate deliverables as follows:

  • Create a 2-3 slide (Power Point) presentation that Helen will use to brief the CEO.
    • Provide a mission statement for the newly formed MIS team that emphasizes the importance of customer service.
    • Create
      an organizational chart that depicts the key business positions as well
      as the recommended MIS positions that Helen has been charged with
    • Use the notes section to provide detailed speaker notes
  • Provide a 1-page written summary of each MIS position that describes the purpose of the position as well as how the positions benefits the strategic goals of the company.

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