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you’ll write a 2-3 page, MLA-formatted draft that you’ll independently revise prior to submission on Sunday, February 18 at 11:59 pm

  1. Identify the speech maker and their credentials for speaking, using first and last names according to academic conventions.
  2. Identify the purpose of the speech and its relevance to world events.
  3. Identify the speaker’s main claim and summarize the key points the speaker uses to defend their claim.
  4. Identify two potential points of opposition to or critiques of the speech with a brief explanation for each. To help you think about what aspects you might critique, ask the questions posed in “Basics of Rhetoric.” (For example, in “Basics of Rhetoric” you’ll find the question: “Who is the author? What qualifies them to speak?” To think about this question critically, you might ask, “Is the author/speaker qualified to speak? In what ways is the speaker qualified? In what ways is the speaker not qualified?” Your response to these questions may be the basis for one of your critiques.)
  5. Use accurate MLA formatting and citation. See Essay One: MLA Citation & Introducing Authors for citation information.
  6. Be 2-3 pages in length.


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