12 years a slave

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Please Answer the following question as detail as possible

  1. Explain the significance of Solomon’s life with his family, as a free man. What is important to take away about the way in which he was sold into slavery?
  2. What is important about the different relationships between the characters and their owners: Eliza and her former master, the white cotton picker and Mr. Epps, Mrs. Epps and Mr. Epps for example. How does it relate to the human instinct to survive?
  3. Expand upon plantation politics (both with Forte and Epps), and the hierarchy within. Is there anything that surprised you about who was in control, and who really was not?
  4. What varied roles do the women play on the Epps and Forte plantations – both the Black and white women? What about mixed-race women?
  5. How does the story of Mr. Shaw’s mistress and the story Eliza shares about herself early on (in the auction house & at the first plantation), compare to the story of Patsy when Solomon is at the Epps plantation?
  6. What are the different ways of violence that occur? How does it differ at the hands of men and women?
  7. Why is this true story important for the topic of American legal history, slavery, and relationships between individuals?

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